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When you make the choice to become a member of the Jefferson Alumni Association, you are showing your pride for Jefferson High School and how much you love being a Demo. JHSAA members have the benefit of knowing they are supporting the continued outreach to alumni that helps make JHS stronger, and a stronger JHS benefits our community. JHSAA members receive exclusive rewards, such as:

  • Guaranteed delivery of a Jefferson Alumni Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Invitation to JHeventsSAA events
  • Exclusive member-only events
  • Exclusive member-only merchandise and apparel
  • Annual 20 percent discount on Alumni Gear purchases


Membership in the JHSAA ensures you stay connected to JHS and its extensive alumni network and ensures the voice of all alumni is heard in support of JHS. Membership helps provide programming to keep alumni connected with JHS and each other. Together, members advocate for JHS, promote excellence and help JHS recruit the best and brightest students with scholarship support.

Join the other alumni that have shown their pride and have laid the foundation for a stronger alumni association. If you love your Demos, you’ll love your membership in the JHSAA. Show your Demo pride and join the JHSAA today


  1. Demo Pride
 Membership in the JHSAA is the No. 1 way Demos show their pride for Jefferson High School! It is one of the best ways you can invest in your relationship with Jefferson High School.
  2. Your Demo Network 
Investing in your network, whether it’s for social or community unity purposes, is vital to staying connected. Membership in the JHSAA not only keeps you connected to other Demos but in the know. Whether you live in Portland, across the country, or around the globe, your Alumni Association will keep you informed about outstanding students, alumni, and faculty; JHS athletics; and more through events, quarterly e-newsletters, member-only opportunities, and more.
  3. Impact on Students
 As a former student, you understand the importance of student support. The JHSAA support student activities, education experiences and scholarships.
  4. Student Recruitment 
Are you looking for a way to give back and help elementary school students find out more information about Jefferson High School? Whether you have a little time to give or a lot of time, The Demo Alumni Recruitment Team is a perfect opportunity for alumni to give back. The Alumni Association beginning 2018 will host eight grade send-offs during their eighth grade year, meeting students and answering questions they may have before they start their high school experience at Jefferson High School.
  5. Your membership makes JHS stronger. 
It’s true! We hope you’ll agree that attending JHS has been a worthwhile investment. In return, membership supports the many programs, partnerships and events your Alumni Association produces to keep alumni connected and engaged, while continuing to support the mission of Jefferson High School and its community.

+ Membership dues are 80 percent tax deductible! 

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